Iron Tigger's Top Pics - Iron Tigger's Top Picks
Iron Tigger's Top Picks
Paleo Chix - Cave to the Crave?
Yes, this is one I struggle with...usually I am bad and cave...but sometimes if beef jerky or bacon is available, I will hold strong!

Mobility WOD
Kelly Starrett, has finally caved and graced the world with a blog focused on Mobility and increasing Mobility!  THANK YOU KELLY!!!

Flexibility, Flexibility, Flexibility!
A great post about the importance of flexibility and how it will make you stronger!  Thanks to Bacon and Barbells!

CF South Bay comes through again with a great article about what spices to include if you are going for a Thai flavor, and Indian flavor or just a plain Italian flavor!  Enjoy!

A New List of Gym Rules!
A list from Freddy at CF One World. 
Including: Grunting, Yelling, Taking off your shirt (guys and gals) and Drinking beer...on the training floor!

Barefoot or Running Shoes?
From Primal Performance, a great video about running barefoot vs. running in athletic shoes.

Swimming WOD?
A new take on an old idea, Melissa Joulwan and "The Clothes Make the Girl"!  I am thinking I must go find a pool where I won't be kicked out if I try doing burpees on the deck!

New Videos!
Hey all I post new videos periodically throughout the week so don't forget to click on the Video link at the top of the page to check them out!
Crossfit Stories
A new (to me) blog where Crossfitters can post their own inspirational stories to be potentially included in a future book!
 Our Real Gulf Disaster by Lou Dolinar
An article about the danger of listening to the media (or anyone really) without critical evaluation of the information being presented.
Spirit of the Games
Chris Spealler, Spirit of the Games Award.
Crossfit Invictus: Community
One athlete shares what the Invictus community meant to him during a time of crisis.  This is what great boxes strive to create with their clients!  It is amazing to be part of, and horribly difficult to leave.
Are you competing?
Inaugural Crossfit / USA Weightlifting Open Comes to Colorado Springs, Oct 1-3
Texas Throwdown: THIS WEEKEND
Good luck to the athletes competing this weekend!
For the Ladies
Because sometimes one person believing in makes the difference of a lifetime!
Motivational Comments
Like the one listed above
Hyperbole And a Half
This is a cute blog I found through The Clothes Make the Girl's blog!  Just a short narrative about how not to live your life, or if you choose to live your life that way...just be aware of the consequences!

Sunset Magazine: Rabbit's Foot Meadery Review
Rabbit's Foot Meadery is in Sunnyvale, CA.  I was introduced to their deadly Black Cherry Cyser by my roommate.  Thank goodness he was driving, this stuff is around 8% alcohol and tastes like a cherry soda!  It goes down easy!  Probably why the unofficial name for it is LPR (Liquid Pantie Remover)!  If you are lucky enough to live in CA or other state they can ship to, order some up, you won't be disappointed!

Sex Sex Sexy Time
A great blog article about the benefits of sex (WIN!), and they of course since it is a Crossfit blog they describe the benefits of Crossfit on your sex life (EPIC WIN!).

Smashing Magazine
Another find from The Clothes Make the Girl's blog.  Some absolutely amazing photographs!  Enjoy!

Peak Season Map
A map from epicurious which shows you what veggies are in season for your state and then if available shows cooking tips and recipes!  Very sweet site.

Wild Gorilla Girl
My weekly fix of beautiful Crossfit Men!