Iron Tigger's Top Picks
Crossfit Stories
A new (to me) blog where Crossfitters can post their own inspirational stories to be potentially included in a future book!
 Our Real Gulf Disaster by Lou Dolinar
An article about the danger of listening to the media (or anyone really) without critical evaluation of the information being presented.
Spirit of the Games
Chris Spealler, Spirit of the Games Award.
Crossfit Invictus: Community
One athlete shares what the Invictus community meant to him during a time of crisis.  This is what great boxes strive to create with their clients!  It is amazing to be part of, and horribly difficult to leave.
Are you competing?
Inaugural Crossfit / USA Weightlifting Open Comes to Colorado Springs, Oct 1-3
Texas Throwdown: THIS WEEKEND
Good luck to the athletes competing this weekend!
For the Ladies
Because sometimes one person believing in makes the difference of a lifetime!
Motivational Comments
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