Iron Tigger's Top Picks
Hyperbole And a Half
This is a cute blog I found through The Clothes Make the Girl's blog!  Just a short narrative about how not to live your life, or if you choose to live your life that way...just be aware of the consequences!

Sunset Magazine: Rabbit's Foot Meadery Review
Rabbit's Foot Meadery is in Sunnyvale, CA.  I was introduced to their deadly Black Cherry Cyser by my roommate.  Thank goodness he was driving, this stuff is around 8% alcohol and tastes like a cherry soda!  It goes down easy!  Probably why the unofficial name for it is LPR (Liquid Pantie Remover)!  If you are lucky enough to live in CA or other state they can ship to, order some up, you won't be disappointed!

Sex Sex Sexy Time
A great blog article about the benefits of sex (WIN!), and they of course since it is a Crossfit blog they describe the benefits of Crossfit on your sex life (EPIC WIN!).

Smashing Magazine
Another find from The Clothes Make the Girl's blog.  Some absolutely amazing photographs!  Enjoy!

Peak Season Map
A map from epicurious which shows you what veggies are in season for your state and then if available shows cooking tips and recipes!  Very sweet site.

Wild Gorilla Girl
My weekly fix of beautiful Crossfit Men!

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