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On a sunny day in late March 2008 I walked into the Milpitas Health and Fitness Center looking to reclaim some emotional power.  I had just spent 3 days week trying (and failing miserably) to keep up with a roofer who was helping me to inspect 78 roofs!! 

I walked in and figured I was going to sign up for the standard gym membership, and really honestly I figured I would stick it out for a couple of months until I got bored and the sting of not being able to keep up with the roofer wore off.  My heart was in the right place, but I know me; I get bored easily!  So I walked up to the requisite cute, built globo gym sales guy.  You all know the type! 

Before we embarked on our tour of the facility however, he asked me a funny question.  He said, "What is your purpose in coming here, what is your goal for working out?"  Well now, I wasn't about to admit I just got my ass handed to me by a punk kid roofer, so I just said, "I climb on roofs off and on for a living, I want to be less tired when I get done at night!"  Well, let me tell you, his eyes lite up, and he gets this goofy grin on his face and says, "Walk this way!"  So he takes me over to this little room next to the MMA fighters and says, this is Crossfit!  Well, I look at the room, mostly empty, squat racks, plywood boxes, black and gray balls and pull-up bars (yes, I did know what they were!).  I am thinking, "What the heck is this, am I gonna be able to do this?" 

Briefly, a little background for you about my past athletic endeavours.  They don't exist!  I played soccer and basketball (you can't really call it playing) in eigth grade.  I played no sports in high school and other than work, I had been sitting on my butt for 22 years!

But, based mostly on this guy's enthusiasm for Crossfit I signed up!  What I got was three private lessons with a coach and then unlimited classes a month.  The guy who signed me up said he couldn't teach me the private lessons cause he was taking his girlfriend on vacation to propose! 

So that next week I walked in to my very first Crossfit box...and the rest, as they say, is history!

Oh, and that cute guy who was getting ready to propose to his girlfriend, 4 months later won the 2008 Crossfit Games!

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