Iron Tigger's Top Picks
Paleo Chix - Cave to the Crave?
Yes, this is one I struggle with...usually I am bad and cave...but sometimes if beef jerky or bacon is available, I will hold strong!

Mobility WOD
Kelly Starrett, has finally caved and graced the world with a blog focused on Mobility and increasing Mobility!  THANK YOU KELLY!!!

Flexibility, Flexibility, Flexibility!
A great post about the importance of flexibility and how it will make you stronger!  Thanks to Bacon and Barbells!

CF South Bay comes through again with a great article about what spices to include if you are going for a Thai flavor, and Indian flavor or just a plain Italian flavor!  Enjoy!

A New List of Gym Rules!
A list from Freddy at CF One World. 
Including: Grunting, Yelling, Taking off your shirt (guys and gals) and Drinking beer...on the training floor!

Barefoot or Running Shoes?
From Primal Performance, a great video about running barefoot vs. running in athletic shoes.

Swimming WOD?
A new take on an old idea, Melissa Joulwan and "The Clothes Make the Girl"!  I am thinking I must go find a pool where I won't be kicked out if I try doing burpees on the deck!

New Videos!
Hey all I post new videos periodically throughout the week so don't forget to click on the Video link at the top of the page to check them out!

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