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Cool Blog Post on Supplements from Crossfit South Bay

...And one from Whole9

And another great post from CF South Bay about living a Paleo life!

Dutch Lowry reviews Whole9, nothing but excellent things to say!

One Crossfitter's Journey to Strength!

Great photographic essay on what impact various lifestyles have on your body composition.

Best information I have seen about coaches using scaling properly!

Freddy C talks about critical thinking as it relates to fitness, but don't stop there, think critically about EVERYTHING!

Central Texan BBQ, and Crossfit Monterey Freddy C style!
The Central Texan is the best Texas BBQ restaurant on the Central Coast of CA!!  When I was missing BBQ that is where I would go...even if it was a 2 hour trek!  And Crossfit Monterey is a great box!  I only got the opportunity to WOD it up there once, but it was a blast!  Stop by the next time you are on the Monterey Peninsula.

Haven't gotten to listen to any of these podcasts, but I want to...I have heard about HAI for almost as long as I can remember and I am curious!

{This podcast is NOT work and family safe!}

I love this blog...she always has great pictures and good recipes!  This one reminded me that as a kid, my mom used to fix me sandwiches of chopped up black olives and cream cheese.  They were the best!!!

How to Paleo-fy Deli Counter sandwiches and Italian restaurant Pasta Dishes. 
I am so trying this with the po-boys down here!  Yum!
And one last thing from Cool Tools!
A cool simple to use drawing program requiring only your web browser!  Been looking for one of these forever!

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