Iron Tigger's Top Picks
Basic O-Lifting Rules
By Bacon and Barbells, I really do love these guys!  They have amazing posts!

Know your Farmer!
Once I get off my butt and get this done I will have a local connection for grass fed beef.  Not positive about the yummy-ness of the beef yet, but I trust Jordan Watts at Primal Performance who turned me on to this local source!  If you go looking you can find just about everything local! 

Crossfit Unlimited Wins!
Congrats to CFU for Winning the Best Workout in Milpitas!  Apparently Coach Austin didn't even know they were in the running!  Congrats to Coach Austin for running an amazing box!

The Beatdown by Likuidelite
A new monthly workout challenge with PRIZES!!!

Crossfit South Bay Programming the Met-Con
A good article about what to consider when programming Met-Con's

Dutch Lowry talks about keeping clients interested
Dutch's take on sustainability of Crossfit Gyms! 

Lifting with a Division 1 Football Team
Very inspirational article about Bacon and Barbells author's little sister, who lifts with a Division 1 Football Team!  Kick Ass!!

Muscle Up Progression Video
At the bottom of this post is a cool video on muscle up progressions! 

Starrett talks about Spealler's Junk
OK, that isn't all he talks about, but as a woman I kind of got sidetracked at that moment!

Shoulder Mobility - My GOAT
Had to post this just because my shoulder is a problem, and something I am always working on improving!  Not that I don't have other goats, but the shoulder is the one I stress about the most consistently!

Burpee Variations
This one comes from The Clothes Make the Girl, it is a long video and I hope and pray Coach Charles never, never, never sees this...cause if he does my life will never be the same again!

Zercher Squat
I must try this!!  The bottom of my squat is my weakest point, and something I really, really want to improve!

Strong is the New Skinny
Holy Crap!!  This has taken the Crossfit FB community by storm!!  If you haven't read the blog that started it all, here it is!

Research Scientist
I am sure you are looking at this like, what the hell, this isn't about Crossfit.  I beg to differ, every Crossfitter is a research scientist, the object you are studying is your own body!

A cool tool!!!  Fimo clay only actually useful around the house!

Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend Holiday!!

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