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This picture used to strike fear in my heart whenever I saw it.  It meant Fran, the dreaded Fran was the WOD!!!  Thankfully now it is just a picture of Jason feeling that same fear and doesn't necessarily mean Fran is on my table for today! 

However if you click on the picture today it will take you to a short video of Jason giving tips to the athletes competing in Fight Gone Bad that was held at the USS Kidd in Baton Rouge, LA this year, 2010!
This year was an amazing year for me, I was able to do the Women's Rx for the first time, even if I did have to do step ups for the box jumps!  I still don't know what my official overall score was, but in counting my reps from the video my score looks to be 172.  Not the 178 I was hoping for but not bad at all for the amount of time I have been spending in the gym lately!  The top female competitor in the Rx division was 265.

Below are the videos of my three rounds.  A big thank you to Don for shooting the video for me!  I really need to shoot video of myself more often, it really does help you focus on your form!

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